CoolKiller CK75 & CK21, Wireless Transparent Gasket RGB Custom Mechanical Keyboard & Calculator

*The keyboard is best charged through the computer interface. The use of high-power current and fast charging interfaces is prohibited.

Type-C Wired, Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Available

The CoolKiller CK75 supports Triple modes of wireless and wired connection. You can easily connect the keyboard to your devices with a wired cable, 2.4G wireless, or Bluetooth 5.1 connection. The keyboard comes with a 2.4gHz wireless dongle and coiled keyboard cable.

Full Acrylic 75% Hot-swappable Keyboard

The CK75 is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard with a solid transparent acrylic case. It not only has a beautiful unique design and also delivers a premium solid feeling. The keyboard features south-facing LEDs and is fully hot-swappable with 3-pin or 5-pin mechanical switches. With the CK75, you can easily swap your stock switches for any other colored or MX-style switches with no soldering required.

Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

The CK75 takes high-quality gasket structures. The keyboard adds a poron foam switch pad and a sound-absorbing silicone pad on the top and bottom edges of the board and PCBA. High-quality gaskets and silicone in gasket-mounted keyboards absorb the impact of each key, creating a smoother, cleaner, and more flexible typing experience.  

Large Battery Capacity & South-facing RGB Backlights

The CoolKiller CK75 features a variety of default RGB effects that you can easily change it. South-facing PCB can make the keyboard RGB smoother and brighter. The compatible software is available for those who love more DIY settings. Built-in 3750mAh battery, the CK75 lasts for 25 hours with full lights on and 90 hours when no RGB.

2-Layer Transparent Keycaps KSA Profile

The CK75 designed their keycaps with 2 layers to achieve both a premium typing experience and a translucent appearance. The typing layer is made with high-quality double-shot PBT, which is more durable and oil-resistant. Dye sub-manufacturing ensures the colorful legends are clear and anti-fading. The KSA profile of keycaps offers an ergonomic typing angle and height, suitable for both gamers and typists.

2 in 1 Wired Numeric Keyboard & Mechanical Calculator

The numpad can be used as both mechanical numeric keyboard and calculator. The package come with a keyboard cable. When you plug the cable into your keyboard and device, it can work as mechanical numpad. If you take off the cable, it is a 18 keys portable transparent mechanical calculator.

Hot Swappable Mechanical Calculator

The CoolKiller calculator is hot-swappable mechanical calculator with custom ice linear switches. Fully hot-swappable with 3 or 5-pin mechanical switches, you can DIY your calculator and swap out the stock switches for any other color or MX-style switches without any soldering required. The finger tactile bump and the unique audible click are addictive.


Return and exchange of non-quality problems, customers need to bear the freight

$189.00 $179.99

Type: Keyboard


Switch: Ice Blade Switch-Tactile

Ice Blade Switch-Tactile

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