CoolKiller Balloon 84 Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

*The keyboard is best charged through the computer interface. The use of high-power current and fast charging interfaces is prohibited.

Type-C Wired, Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Available

The Balloon 84 supports Triple modes of wireless and wired connection. You can easily connect the keyboard to your devices with a wired cable, 2.4G wireless, or Bluetooth 5.1 connection. The keyboard comes with a 2.4gHz wireless dongle and coiled keyboard cable.

Rechargeable & Hot-Swappable

Equipped with a 3500mAh rechargeable battery, the CoolKiller Balloon 84 ensures a stable wireless connection. The keyboard is fully hot-swappable, allowing you to change mechanical switches without soldering

Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

With a 84-key layout, this keyboard incorporates high-quality gasket structures and sound-absorbing silicone pads. The result is a smoother, quieter, and more flexible typing experience

Customized Backlight

Safeguard your eyes with our advanced anti-blue light technology ingrained in every key. Effortlessly tailor the lighting ambiance to your liking through software, providing a personalized touch to your workspace. Elevate your typing experience with the seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics

Low Profile Transparent Switch

Enhanced by a built-in spotlight and superior light transmittance, immerse yourself in a heightened and unparalleled lighting ambiance. Upgrade to a new standard of typing excellence with our innovative low-profile switches

Return and exchange of non-quality problems, customers need to bear the freight


Type: Keyboard


Switch: Low-Profile Switch-Linear

Low-Profile Switch-Linear
Low-Profile Switch-Tactile

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

As one of the early adopters of the balloon84 keyboard, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. It's even more stunning in person than it appeared in the photos. The typing experience is delightfully crisp, and I love it so much!

So cute i love it!!

I purchased this keyboard not too long ago and all I can say is buy it!! the keys feel so expensive and everything about it is so so beautiful!! i’ve been 10x more productive thanks to this keyboard. I highly recommend!!! :)

Great Keyboard!

I love this keyboard! From the sounds to the lights... everything is perfect! I did have a little trouble getting it connected to my Macbook. I ended up having to google how to get it to connect (however this could have easily been user error!!).

Cynthia Sim
Love it too much!

Prettiest keyboard ever! Not only it is aesthetically pleasing, it is also a joy to type on. I personally prefer low profile keys.

Sarah Tam
Milky lights

In love with this! Lifted keyboard for myself when I was promoted at work. Can't stop eyeing the lights. The key sounds are amazing 👏 🤩